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intro clip

A lovely Valentine Medley with Officer Groinman, R. Otis, Alfalfa & others.

Podcast 81

Keith Jackson's Dream

Podcast 80

The peculiar case of 'Blueberry Grunt'.

Podcast 79

Hey kids, win a carton of Camels. Plus. the World's First Transoceanic Broadcast

Podcast 78

Scrote teams up with Elvis in this Double Feature Movie Matinee. Needs popcorn.

Podcast 77

Another R&M collision on the Information Superhighway. Includes Groinman & stuff

Podcast 76

Yes, its more of the incorrigible Art Thiel. Plus Roy Otis'

Podcast 75

How in the hell did Jim Forman wind up here....is it snowing?

Podcast 74

The gruesome story of Richard Peterson's shaggy green tie.

Podcast 73

Peterson and his fiancee are all aglow after hearing about lesbians and dreams.

Podcast 72

What is wrong with the picture? HINT: Maynard's in it. Click for some cheese.

Podcast 71

A car crashes off the Spokane St. viaduct. Live reports. Terrifying.

Podcast 70

Otis Time Travels to become, HITLER'S BARBER!

Podcast 69

Tubaman, Richard Peterson, Know it All and Chip with their artistry unleashed.

Podcast 68

What we have learned about avoiding making the beast with two backs .. and stuff

Podcast 67

What to these goobers have to do with anything? Listen and find out.

Podcast 66

Take a spin on the Melody Ranch Quiz Wheel and see how you do.

Podcast 65

Alarming STD news from the Center for Disease Control. It's on the rise (no pun)

Podcast 64

The sweet little R&M parfait is sullied with the verboten S bomb. Who did it?

Podcast 63

Come get your Dead or Alive, Otis' first phone call, and...WHAT?! the Duck sank!

Podcaast 6

The breezy little Matinee with the candy snarfing Richard Peterson.

Podcast 61

Griffey, A Rod and Peterson. Are they all schizo? plus, you get TAMMY ROTTMAN!

pod # 60

Sherrif Judd Rumpleman and his pet horsefly in Montana Lawman.

Podcast 59

Chewy bite size bits of our 18th Anniversary show. Touching 18th Sonata included

Podcast 59

Otis delivers a poignant commencement speech at North Seattle Community College

Podcast 58

Radio lesson one. Some callers my be worthy of the Ass-ole song. Could be you.

Podcast 57

Jeepers .....you mean I can win $.54 cents on this show ....golly.

Podcast 56

What's this!?! Blow you......off the air! Why I never.

Podcast 54

Teen stoners, Booty Calls and one lousy stinkin' girlfriend. Simpleton radio.

Podcast 53

Honoring Terry McManus in the character of Officer Lee Groinman. R.I.P., Dude.


The story of the Pope and the motorcycle cop. Told flawlessly, of course.

Podcast 52

A tribute to Robin's pop, Big Dave. Always ready with a dumb joke and big laugh.


You can't play this clip about Crow's colon for a high school class! Can you?

Podcast 51

What's in Roy's Pants / and Snotty Neighbors. Just diggin' through the graveyard

Podcast 50

Otis,Dennis Miller, Speedy Alka Seltzer and a shamed Reverend all team up. Ouch!

Podcast 49

Maynard's crafty Tire Changing Contest ploy backfires right in his shifty face.

Podcast 48

Cecil Blakemore, the Man With A Million Hats, phones the switchboard.

Podcast 47

Who's your money on in this 15 rounder? Robin or Mutt Haugen?

Podcast 46

Scrotalson and Peterson go at it in this contentious debate.

podcast 45

Can anything be more screwed up than this?? Nice way to run a contest.

Oddcast 44

From the velveteen cheeks of Barbara Streisand to Officer Lee Groinman. Stinky.

Podcast 43

Melody Ranch Quiz Wheel Flashback. (B'day card from Robin pictured)

Podcast 42

Queen Anne Corn Eyed Brown Trout warning. (R. Otis butt swinging clock pictured)

Podcast 41

Roy Otis, pyromaniac? Could be.

Podcast 40

Battle of the Bonds. Choose your favorite 007. Daniel Craig or Richard Peterson.

Podcast 39

Roy Otis duels Mitch Hedberg..... and the victor is??

Podcast 38

Ye Gods! Richard Peterson's giant head explodes AGAIN! What is it this time?

Podcast 37

Roy Otis' Top Ten Tunes. Yes it includes Buckwheat Cakes

Podcast 36

Identify the Melody Ranch Quiz Wheel Mystery song and feel good about yourself.

Podcast 35

The Radio Bloodsucker exposed! Who can it be? Take a guess.We think you'll know.

Podcast 34

Mad Fab goes shopping & Carlo's Superbowl 1/2 time review. Carlo loves Brittney?

Podcast 33

It's not love...its lust. Leave the animals alone. Plus Jackie Mason contagion.

Podcast 32

From Robin's teardrops to R. Otis' new gay police force policies ...

Podcast 31

OH MY!! XXX rated. But if KING 5 can run it, so can we. J-Lo's butt is the topic

podcast 30

Biodyne itch cream's top salesman, R. Otis .....working his way to camp.

itchy 0 ri

The 10 ugliest cars, IRS agent pick up lines and other nonessential things.

Podcast 29

How well do you know AC/DC. Can you meld minds with the mighty predicto? Try it.

podcast 28

The Big One!?! Officer Groinman IS the big one. A 9.2 wearing police blue.

podcast 27

....and the Best New Artist award goes to.... Otis goes hip hop. Lord, help us.

podcast 26

Too hot for ya? Stuff a bit of Xmas in July up your stocking with SANTA pictured

podcast 25

Assistant Roy Otis, spangled in stars, helps two patriots explain tis of thee.

podcast 24

These two clowns are not above stealing other stations contests. Even from 1959.

podcast 24

A big steaming pile of KXRX 96dot5. Warmth meets disorder meets conflict.


Good Catholic boy Roy Otis (pictured) offers this year's Grammy Rules

podcast 23

Knocked daffy in a rough head on resulted in her amazing Singing Psychic powers

Podcast 22

Funeral arrangements for movie reviewer Carlo. Does he give a S#@T?


You want the real story of the Alamo? No one can tell it like Roy Otis.

Podcast 17

An insipid little quiz show called Meet Mr. Maynard. Ehhh, we do what we can.

Podcast 16

Vintage Brock Huard on drag racing the family car & Holmgren's pants.

Podcast 15

Penn Jillette tells you all about sex. Ain't gonna happen with a stupid woman

Pencast 14

It's in your pipes Bremerton. April Fool's backfires on sophomoric deejays R&M.

Podcast 13

The Hour of Magnificence includes a Malt Shop Juke Box twin spin. Otis pops up.

podcast 12

Gastrointestinal oopsies for the bride and other odd things on the radio. Odd.

Podcast 11

He thinks he is a drum major. That's fine, but why dip your twins in turpentine?

Podcast 10

Just a human had bob bob bobbing along in the Atlantic? Oh, lovely.

crapcast 9

From Viewmasters to Pee Wee Herman's dirty little movie pop quiz.

Podcast 08

Mr. Know It All just naturally warms hearts in this Valentine's Dating Game.

Podcast 07

Meet the business end of Officer Groinman's Blue Cupid. Also V day hit #7.

Podcast #0

Alan Iverson sound like anyone wearing green and blue? Also, Yay or Nay.

Podcast #5

Eight parts of speech, Nad the Ballbarian, Tony Ventrella's nose & stuff


Every listener whiffed on this sports quiz. Are you good enough to get it right?

Podcast 04

A Nyquil infused topsy turvey Dead or Alive along with Cecil Blakemore's toppers

Podcast 03

The Miracle of Breast Milk. Full discussion. Quite lovely.

Podcast 01

Robin's dream, brought to you by Merle Morton and Roy Otis' "Mincemeat Breeze".

Clip # 109

Free ski trips, Bad Strip Clubs, a Mr. Chung movie review,& heckler Art Thiel.

Clip # 108

Seattle Public library filmstrip #29,

clip #107a

The bowling shirt has been awarded. Now find out how relatives and Corvettes go.

Clip # 107

3 parts. "Ridin' Shotgun", movie reviewer Carlo, and Officer Groinman. Vote now.

Clip # 106

Breaking Jumbo Pencil news followed by Keith Jackson's horrifying nightmare!

Clip # 105

A bizarre stew of Art Thiel, Pearl Harbor and the Wall of Ignorance. Pepto?

Clip # 104

Broken bats, foul balls. More than you need to know from Art Thiel.

Clip # 103

Are kids today little wieners? Here is your lecture. Also: What's a 4 dotter?

no number

Infomercial goes south. And a long distance call from Turdburglar Island. Odd.

Clip # 102

Otis'transmitter work, "blows us...off the air". Sounds just wrong, doesn't it.

Clip # 101

An angry foul-mouthed Verdant (alien) follows this quite decent interview.

Clip # 100

Crappy cars and the geniuses who drove them.

Clip # 99

From Cobra Venom to the Wall of Ignorance, just another day at the stationhouse.

Clip # 98

The unveiling of a Genius! Shocking.

bonus trac

From mammograms to the Melody Ranch Quiz Wheel...with stops in between. Very odd

Clip #96

A powderpuff punch to a glass jaw? Can Bonaduce take it? So many questions.

Clip #95

Making the beast with 2 backs in the backseat of a Buick. With yer wife? Really?

Clip #94

Seattle's toughest cop has a high octane colonic for gas thieves.

Clip #93

A fresh scrubbed little quiz show called Dead or Alive is tainted by one R. Otis

Clip # 92

Sweet confusion.Robertino is in the spotlight. And then, "What is an Echo Can"?

Clip # 91

M&M Peanut goes after Eminem in a brutal battle of the bands.

Clip # 90

Taboo horticulture at Safeco field!?! Shocking!

Clip # 89

A cheery little visit with Ma Crow ...mother of Gary (pictured).

Clip # 88

Eggs, Eddie Vedder and porta potties? And they are all tied together...how?

Clip # 87

What is the problem Robin has with Dick's? Or is it just Art Thiel?

clip # 86

Double Feature. Groinman takes on the Grateful Dead & "Otis of Mayberry" drama

clip #85

With a hand over your heart, Hear "What America Means to Me" with R&M & R. Otis.

Clip #82

Jackpot Jubilee with morally corrupt group programmer Bill Tetestnut.

Clip # 87

Guess it's 4:20 according to our "Who's on First" contestant.

Clip #83

Can you beat Robin to the surprise answer on "What's My Line"? probably.

Clip #80

Officer Groinman and Johnny Wong weigh in on R&M's Bottom Ten regurgitator songs

clip #79

Roy Otis' horrifying torture at the hands of the evil R&M. Just awful.

Clip # 78

BAMBOOZLED? Can R&M's arch-enemy, The Latrine Beast outfox them? Let's find out.

Clip # 77

The O.J. trial. Judge Scrotalman sits in for Ito and grills Kato Kaelin!

Clip #76

A glimpse of our annual live show from Salty's with our old pal Tuba Man. RIP

Clip # 75

Nice guy Pat Cashman shaves Richard Peterson.

Clip # 74

One wonders, who's working for who when it comes to our movie reviewer, Carlo.

clip #73

Mail Room Kyle always delivers....in a way. & Otis directs Barbara Walters.

Clip # 70

"THE JUGS TRIAL." Dismembering jurisprudence. Judge, jury and verdict. Who wins?

goes fast

An audio Sugar Egg with Robin & "Thomas the Crapping Clown"

a shorty

This week in 1912. The Titanic. A riveting drama with an all star cast.


10 million dollar murder contract / jailhouse lovin' / a fragrant bouquet of R&M

12 shipoti

Is the answer to this murder mystery Andrew Cunanan....or Richard Peterson???

2 min

This chock full clip includes the the unvarnished joy of movie reviewer, Carlo.

14 min, OK

What the...? How did a R&M site turn into a Bob Rivers promotion?

3 min

Excuse me, I believe your pooch just ate your secret girlfriends panties.

8 min

Steve Slaton gets a spiff, but first...the pot pipe of Woody Harrelson.

3min maybe

Will you win Neill Diamond tickets? Could be. & fill in the blank, Butt _______?

4 min

Who's on 1st? Match wits with ordinary voodoo citizens. Rough game, best of luck

3 min

The power of breasts (those would be female), & Ugly Bug Ball problems

5 min

The tardiness of Art Thiel.

2 min

Studio usher Hugh Jardon opens the R&M trapdoor. Lotsa junk.

6 shipotie

The strange odyssey, mixed in with other things, of the amazing 'fingerpeen'.

6 min

DEAD or ALIVE ....we now wonder, are the contestants dead or alive.

3 min

What is that in Jim Forman's pipe?

3 min

Bad Babysitters! Also, meet Mr. Maynard


A Triple Header including Tiny Tidy Toilet Bowl Tunes & the harmless Moron Quiz.


Dr. Hugh Jardon tests heartily the Hippocratic oath. The patient is Ms. Love.

3 min

Nature's Masterpiece. And our boy Jay is right in the middle.

5 min

The wonderful phony front. Hiding behind mascara. Who are you? Really.


Remember the Krispy Kreme scandal? Undercover agent Otis digs deep (kind of).

2 min

The Magic Wand of Madame Fabulina tears down blights of society, etc.

8 min

Teen Jesus, parts I & II. Pre Lamborghinis, DUIs, and total teen tools.

4 min

Jim Florentine on strip clubs. ....and skipping school.

4 min

Here's our pal Old Man Batton. Wishes he could eat...(pardon)..to puke.

4 min

The George Halas NFC championship trophy? No,but Otis(O-Dog) wins the TIA award.

2 min

Carlo is not happy about this assignment.

2 minutes

Craig Gass does Kinnison, Pacino. Good stories told well.

6 min

The Jackass industry at its finest,& a total disregard for one's own twins. Ow!

3 min

3 good ways NOT to do radio promos.

2 min

Oh My God!! Run!! It's a tornadle!!

30 seconds

Man 52. Woman, 19!! Oh yeah ...that's gonna work out just fine.

4 min

Let 'er rip, Ray Combs!! Can ya' just take control here?

5 min

Hey there......Let's be friends....yooo hoooo, friends...Alamo Style (Otis deal)

2 min

Surprise!! YOU'RE FIRED!! Pt. 1. The lesson... DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!


Gays? Ducks? What's new. Been there, done that. All a part of Fired Pt. 2

4 min

The splintering Scrotalson/Peterson debate. Vote now. Vote often.

2 min

Crazy damn kids wig wagging thier rubber paralyzer around town!

12 inches

Anthony Michael Hall, what about Molly's forbidden panties????


It's KPUP. The Hot Dog with the Cool Music. Now on the air: Scrote


Third row napalm ignites this movie review and it ain't on the screen. xxx rated

4 min

Pewie. Indelicate. Clothespin please.

#2 minutes

A man with a million hats...but, aha! One is missing!! Which one?

4 minutoes

A Battle of the Bands, tender hearts & sensibilis (Latin)

kinda long

Should the Redskins change thier name? Groinman's nightstick says uh uh.

2 minutes

Throwing Rocks at Pigs, fixing toasters, baby mama, bluetooth it.

37 minutes

How this show is sanitized by our censor. R & M & the FCC = LOVE!

one minute

No!! Not the SHAGGY GREEN TIE. Top notch drama, we say.

5 min

Holy Crap!! High bathroom drama. Emergency! Emergency!

31 seconds

Hair Chat with good friend Chuck the Smoker.. can't hear a thing on the phone!


Mr. Know It all Takes on the Duke. Also, Lolita's top ten & more


Ken Schram loses control during spelling bee.


Horrifying Tuba Man / Richard Peterson shootout. Just brutal.


It's raining frog eggs.


Can a human urinate beatles? R & M explore the question.


Angry Carlo reviews Harvey Porter (ie: Harry Potter)


Jackie Stallone vs. Robin Pot Pie


Can Bill Nye chug a beer on the moon?


Montage: Cybil Shepard / Richard Simmons / Bugs Bunny / Cunnilingus?!


Mr. Know it All hits Dating Game pay dirt: Part 1.


Know it All pay dirt: Part 2


Otis explores the deep recesses of Courtney's whisker biscuit.


Dirty Bird radio goes clean!